The consortium

Project Coordinator

The SamueLNG Project is coordinated by Dragages-Ports, an economic interest grouping which ensures fleet management for dredging in the main French Ports of Dunkirk, Le Havre, Rouen, Nantes Saint-Nazaire, La Rochelle, Bordeaux and Marseilles. Part-owned by French authorities and French port authorities, it was established to optimise the costs of dredging. As part of that Dragages-Ports is involved in improving maritime access to ports – particularly in the TEN-T Atlantic corridor.

Ports Authorities

Grand Port Maritime de Nantes Saint-Nazaire (GPMNSN) is the French leading Port of the Atlantic coast. The Port authority is involved in the development of the Franco-Spanish Motorways of the Sea (MoS) between Nantes Saint-Nazaire and on one side Gijon (Asturias), and on the other Vigo (Galicia) thanks to its RoRo facilities and its network connections. As part of this project GPMNSN will perform a risk assessment on LNG bunkering, training on LNG operations for crew, port officers and shore personnel, and an environmental impact study of the retrofitted dredger operating in the port and the Loire estuary.

Grand Port Maritime de Rouen (GPMR) is a public state body managing four port facilities in Rouen, Port Jérôme, Honfleur and Saint Wandrille. As part of the Project the Port of Rouen will provide LNG operations training, for on-board personnel, and an environmental impact study of the retrofitted dredger operating in the port and the Seine estuary.

Grand Port Maritime du Havre (GPMH) is the public state body managing the port of Le Havre. Strategically located at the entrance to the English Channel/North Sea route, Le Havre is a major seaport in North-Western Europe. In the Global Project, Le Havre will contribute to deploy LNG solutions and, in the present framework, will co-lead the environmental impact study of the retrofitted dredger.

Port Authority of Gijon manages the Spanish state-owned Port of Gijon, which is a medium-sized industrial port in the North of Spain on the Atlantic coast. As part of the Project, Port Authority of Gijon will lead studies on bunkering options and on a mobile shore device.

Port Authority of Vigo manages the Spanish state-owned Port of Vigo. The port is located on the Atlantic arch and has participated in several European projects involving environmental and sustainability developments. As part of the Project, the Port Authority of Vigo will lead and coordinate the study of the LNG floating device in the port.

Engineering Consultants

INOVA has been leading and participating in R&D projects in Spain, and internationally, for more than 10 years. They specialise in supporting and consulting on innovation, technology transfer and operative improvements, for organisations mainly in the maritime and energy sector. Inova Labs will contribute by developing a smart management system based on big data analytics.

GHENOVA is an international multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy working on projects across Europe and Latin America. They have brought their expertise to technically complex projects in various sectors including maritime, offshore oil and gas, and energy. As part of the Project Ghenova will be involved in the drafting of the two studies lead by Vigo and Gijon.

Energy suppliers

GNF (Gas Natural Fenosa) is a multinational group specialising in gas and electricity integration and operates in more than 30 countries. As part of this Project GNF will apply their expertise, on LNG bunkering and gas connections to ships, to the studies lead by the Port Authority of Gijon.

EDP (Energias de Portugal, S.A.) is the largest electricity producer, distributor and marketer in Portugal, and one of the two largest gas distributors in mainland Spain and Portugal. EDP is also one of the two largest global wind power operators, with wind farms all over Europe, North America and Brazil. As part of the Project the Spanish affiliate of EDP will apply its expertise, on electricity connection at berth for bunkering facilities, to the bunkering studies lead by Gijon.

Short sea shipping operator

Suardiaz Group is a multimodal transport company with focus on maritime transport. Through its associated companies the Suardiaz Group provides integral transport services for cargo transport and logistics, and ensures compliance with quality and security standards. It operates the official MoS routes (Algesiras/Vigo/Nantes Saint Nazaire/Le Havre), certified by the European Commission, and is a market leader in transport in Spain and internationally. As part of this Project the Suardiaz Group will work on the simulation study of a potential supply of LNG to a RoRo of Lineas Suardiaz S.L.

Professional association

Central Dredging Association (CEDA) is an established authority and leading independent forum for the professional dredging community, and associated industries, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It represents dredging professionals and organisations, from government, academia and business, in the region. As a recognised reference point for high-quality specialist knowledge on all aspects of dredging it provides a multidisciplinary network for professional contacts. As part of the Project CEDA is responsible for the dissemination of the pilot results to the maritime community and in particular to ancillary vessel owners.